Sunday, August 3, 2014

Asymmetrical Warfare: How the US Government has become its Own Domestic Enemy

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Border Crisis / Asymmetrical Warfare

Border Crisis. Unemployment. Failing Infrastructure. Sustainable Development. Corporate Governance. The Federal Reserve Fiat Debt System.

What do these seemingly unrelated topics have to do with one another? Think strategically, your government and its multitude of influential think tanks do. Everything in the news and that the government controls is geared toward asymmetrical warfare. 

Against who? Isn't it obvious? Listen to this interview and judge for yourself.

What else are you not being told?

When will Washington, D.C. start listening to Americans and not think tanks or the United Nations? We do not have refugees; we have an out of control government. 

John Ladd, Fred Davis, and Chris Burgard illustrate the sad reality of our Southern Border, and offer Ms. Pelosi a cordial invite to rancher hospitality.
Still believe factions within the American government are not using asymmetrical warfare against you?

Source: Back to the Border