Thursday, August 14, 2014

America Is Not the Greatest Country Anymore

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / The People 

What we are experiencing in our country today is by design. Think tanks, policy groups, and non-govermental organizations have made our country into a declining rock in the western hemisphere. Not all the blame can be levied in one direction. Anyone who does not learn about the real world and bridge that gap between the uninformed and the awake are part of the problem as well. 

You have been duped. 

That's not your fault, but ignoring others by calling them names like "Tin Foil Hat" or "Conspiracy Theorist" is. 

Like canaries in a coal mine who warn the miners of impeding danger, we in the New Media are trying to get your attention. 

America is not great anymore because Americans refuse to stand up. Stand up to corruption. Stand up to Agenda 21 and Sustainability. Stand up to Gitmo, torture. Stand up to drones in our skies. Stand up to polluters, gmo manufacturers, and agencies who breach the threshold of decency and the Constitution. 

Yes, there are those awake individuals doing most of the heavy lifting. Isn't this your country too? When are you going to step up and carry some of that weight? When you lose your car, property rights? When your grandchildren are unable to read or add?

What's it going to take?

America used to be great because Americans used to be informed, educated, and moral as specified in the best soliloquy television had offered on the show, The Newsroom: 

Our government is out of control. Our voters do not make policy. A recipe for tyranny and disaster awaits if we don't begin to stand up for what is right, moral, and just. 

Or, we might as well put up a different kind of flag, the one of surrender. 

Source: Youtube