Friday, January 2, 2015

America the Beautiful Works When the Rule of Law is Enforced on Illegal Aliens

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Immigration / Government

The problem is there is no economic stability to accept such an influx in America. There is no full employment within the United States. Graduate and post doctoral students are looking for jobs. How can America welcome competition from outside the country to compete with our own well educated individuals? 

There are many questions to why Americans must be emotionally blackmailed into allowing illegal anyone into our country. Mexico and southward into South America are a host of Spanish speaking countries with the means and ability to take in these refugees. These countries all share a common language, religion, culture, as well as social mores and norms not found in vast quantities in America. 

Why, you may ask? America is a melting pot. An immigrant must adhere and accept the American way, culture, and language in order to have a positive experience in our country. In the last few decades, Americans have seen preferential treatment given to an outside culture over theirs. For instance, Americans have been forced to learn Spanish or not be hired for jobs, English has been relegated to the Press #2  on phone lines.

When an immigrant arrives in America with their government paperwork and new identification, that immigrant is now given the ability to melt in our melting pot. America is comprised of many different and exciting cultures, foods, and languages. It's not perfect but we seem to manage just fine.

Illegal immigration disrupts our social infrastructure. Our culture is competing with an alien culture. Our primary language is being substituted for a new one. Children are being used to make Americans look and feel brutish when we try to hold parents from other countries accountable for their actions. Illegal aliens flood our streets waving their ancestral flags demanding the racist Americans to open their borders and change the laws just for them. 

America does not work that way. We have laws here. Immigrants fleeing lawless countries and governments want America to forget her laws to offer special privileges to accommodate these individuals. Isn't that what type of system they just ran away from? And why travel thousands of miles to the United States border when another Spanish speaking country is a lot closer? 

If these illegal aliens were in fact refugees, wouldn't the United Nations demand other Spanish speaking countries within a stone's throw to accept them instead of hauling children across continents? Isn't that child endangerment and irresponsible otherwise?

Something does not make sense here. The only way illegal immigration comes across our borders is if the United States government allows it. The Federal Government has done a great job not enforcing the laws we have on the books.

Illegal immigration causes strife. Wages are lowered. Corporations receive docile and pliant workers. A slave class is created. The fabric of the American culture is torn apart and if you complain, you are a racist. 

There is no racism going on with illegal immigration. Peoples of Latin and South America are Caucasian in origin, unless their lineage is directly linked to the Native population then they are of Asian descent with no Slavic influence. Indigenous ancestors and native Europeans, North Africans and West Asians "are equally Caucasian regardless of skin tone as race is based on craniofacial anthropometry and morphology not skin pigmentation." So if most of the illegal aliens are of Caucasian descent then the racism card cannot be played against Americans since the majority on either side are Caucasian. 

Sorry, not happening. 

The problem with illegal immigration is that these individuals do not melt into our pot. Our language, culture, society norms and mores are disregarded. As the native people, we are forced into the uncomfortable position to point out that we want rule of law while being screamed at as horrible people. 

Illegal aliens, refugees can be absorbed into their neighboring countries instead of being hauled to our borders. It just does not make sense any other way. If the United Nations really wanted to be of service, the UN would be working with Latin and South American countries to clean up the strife, create rule of law, and take in refugees.

America works. America works when we have immigrants that adapt to our culture and society. America works when we have a common language. America works when we have a solid, cohesive national identity. America works when all people who are here are on equal footing. America works when the rule of law is enforced.

The question is: who does not want America to work?