Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don't Launch Your Drone to Watch the Superbowl; Big Brother is Watching You

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
No Fly Zone / Superbowl

The military is doing exercises to get ready for the big game. Today at 2pm, Channel 5 reported on last night's news that two fighters from Luke AFB will be doing a low and loud flyby of the Stadium.

During the game fighters from Tucson will be on guard.

The FAA asked that the 162nd Wing Arizona National Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other agencies work together during the Super Bowl to enforce strict flight restrictions around the stadium.
All this hubbub for a game? Dysart School District is laying off over 100 teachers after this spring's semester because the school district does not have the funds. After residence voted down a bond, the teachers have now gotten their pink slips. People cannot afford any new taxes.

Do you hear me Governor Ducey? 

Of course not. The fighters must already be buzzing his office. 

So have fun oooing and awwing at the sight of the jet fighters and realize the money to keep football safe is more important than our public school system.

Source: KPHO