Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All Celtic Lives Matter

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
DNA Project / Genealogy 

That should piss some people off. 

Black Lives Matter is a hypocritical organization. Not just because Black Lives Matter targets businesses and homes for looting. Not just because Black Lives Matter will not call out the thug culture that has destroyed their community. Not just because they riot over guilty people putting their lives at risk for criminal indulgences. 

Black Lives Matter is hypocritical because the lives of officers they are fighting against may be their own ancestral kinship. 

Long, long ago in the ancient world a beautiful princess married a foreign prince to leave the problems of her father's kingdom behind. Her name was Scota. Her story was like this:
While investigating the origins of the people of Scotland in the Bower manuscript, the Scotichronicon, she discovers the story of Scota, the Egyptian princess and daughter of a pharaoh who fled from Egypt with her husband Gaythelos with a large following of people who arrive in a fleet of ships. They settled in Scotland for a while amongst the natives, until they were forced to leave and landed in Ireland, where they formed the Scotti, and their kings became the high kings of Ireland. In later centuries, they returned to Scotland, defeating the Picts, and giving Scotland its name.
Let's take a moment to reflect on what that actually means
According to Bower’s manuscript, Scota’s descendants were the high kings of Ireland. In her quest to discover the true identity of ‘Scota,’ as it was not an Egyptian name, she finds within Bower’s manuscript that Scota’s father is actually named as being Achencres, a Greek version of an Egyptian name. In the work of Manetho, an Egyptian priest, Evans discovers the translation of the name—the pharaoh Achencres was none other than Akhenaten, who reigned in the correct timeframe of 1350 BC. Evans believes that Scota was Meritaten, eldest daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.
Princess Meritaten

The Celtic peoples in the form of the Irish and Scottish have intermarried across this globe. Some Mexicans have Irish ancestors. Some black people have Irish ancestors (see, President Obama). Other tribes have Scottish ancestors. May be even you. 

So while Black Lives Matter is going around torching everything in their path and blaming others for the unfairness of life, when you cross the blue line into criminal behavior, don't be accusing anyone of racism. 

That officer may be a descendant of an Egyptian Pharaoh. 

All Celtic Lives Matter because we all come from the same ancient tribes and clans as everyone else on this planet. Race and racism are a social engineering tactic to make us all feel we are different and alone. When that theory is far from the truth. 

We are all connected to one another. We are all related. We are all one human's race. So it is not racist to say: All Lives Matter.

Why don't you put that on everything you love instead of causing political strife and acting like fools?

For more information about Scota and more variant myths: 

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