Sunday, October 30, 2016

Calling All Americans... Time to Take a Stand at Standing Rock

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Private Property / Rights

Standing Rock, North Dakota has become another stand off between corporate profits and individual property rights. If you believe in Climate Change or not, this situation has proven once again that our federal government is lawless and law enforcers are following illegal orders. 

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Native Lands, First Nations are private lands. No corporation or person should be allowed access to these lands without expressed permission of the people residing there. This stance is not up for debate. Would you want someone coming into your home to build a pipeline or digging up your relatives because it served the purpose of corporate profits? 

Americans have a choice: keep watching sports or actually do the right thing. 

Militias with the permission of the Sioux tribe should be up there guarding against the destruction of private property. 

Everyone else not within driving distance to protest at Standing Rock should be calling their federal representatives about this fiasco. We the People need to demand this pipeline ceased. The Army Corp of Engineers has exceeded its legal authority. 

How Americans can rise up against Globalism, Corporate takeover of our resources, and political graft: 

Call Your Representatives... The House of Representatives 
Call your Senators... The Senate  

Call the President himself... The White House
Here you can submit you comments and questions online via this White House form.  

Call Supreme Court Justices....  The Supreme Court

Why the Supreme Court, you ask? Without their decisions like Kelo and the Affordable Care Act, we would not be in half the messes we are in today. The Court just like the rest of the government are acting without our consent or authority. They are acting as a dictatorship oligarchy for the elite. 

That must end.

Take Action. Take it now. Take it every chance you have.

Until the ire of the People is more powerful than corporate lobbying and graft as well as the elitist power structure's command and control of our politicians, then we have no hope to regain our sovereign rights as a people and as a nation. 

The first act is to respect others private property.  

End the Stand off at Standing Rock.

Source: USAgov, Standing Rock