Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Elephant in the Room: What is Killing the African American Community is Not Guns or Abortion

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
African Americans / Social Justice

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Democrat debate discussed in part the African American community with remarks from the stage and peanut gallery. Kamala Harris stated: what is killing African Americans in this country is guns. A commentator on Fire Power News, Will Johnson, opined that abortion is the main killer of members of this community.

Both comments are wrong. The main killer of African Americans in this country is the lack of opportunity. Agenda 21 and Free Trade have deindustrialized inner cities so there is no job creation. School curriculum under George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind and the United Nations' Common Core have decimated the ability for adults to critically think and gain knowledge of events and facts. Instead, Social Justice Warriors have been created and pumped up to become agents of change through communist/socialist revolution that further degrades an already bleak outlook. See, Black Lives Matter.

Guns, gang affiliations, and abortion are symptoms of the overall problem plaguing not only the African American community in the United States but the larger negative effects that are produced through socialism and communism also known as Globalism.

Before Americans can tackle international issues of import, we need to deal with our own governmental complicit degradation of minority communities in our society. The CIA, who is not supposed to work inside the United States and propagandize the American people, has been busy for decades bringing in and profiting from the drug trafficking trade.

When the opportunities of a good education, social experience, entrepreneurship, income, home/family, and national discourse are turned into economic, social, and political deficiencies, that is when guns, abortion, gang affiliations and criminal enterprises take root in society.

When media and politicos discuss the hardships and negative outcomes, they must also trace those results to an overarching policy. In order to have a one world government based on the communistic feudal system and overseen by a Politburo, the general population of the world cannot have any type of positive means be it money, critical thinking skills, communication, mobility, motility, or political power to override a defunct and illegitimate political system.

Everyone from every walk of life must be decimated economically, socially, and politically in order to create the "equality" of socialism and communism.

Socialism, which always turns into the nightmare scenario of communism, promises a utopia, but that utopian dream dies when the resources dry up and communism is then enforced to keep the public order. See, Venezuela.

To treat the symptoms of a negative system is not to outlaw guns, ban abortion, or regulate social problems just as a doctor cannot treat the symptoms of an infection without first diagnosing what bacteria s/he is working to defeat. That is the number one failure of our democratically elected representatives: always trying to impose policies on the symptoms. The political parties never want to take on the infection head on because that would mean their bread and butter political and emotional blackmail to raise campaign funds would dry up if there were no problems to solve.

So the problems persist. Republicans never outlaw abortion. Democrats never pass a bill to keep abortion legal. Both political parties make the courts do their dirty work for them so they can keep raising money on the hopes and fears of their constituencies.

The sign of a freedom-centered, individual-minded republic is not to legislate morality but rather create opportunities that allow for better choices within that society. The United States of America is not based on any one religion. America is not and never has been a Christian nation. That lie is being perpetuated, especially in the independent media, to again further political and monetary aspirations instead of being honest with the public. See the Founding Fathers and the Separation between Church and State.

Democrats cannot outlaw guns no more than Republicans can outlaw abortion no matter how much each makes their case to the American people. Guns are protected under the Second Amendment. Abortion is protected under Roe v. Wade. 

Get over it. 

Now can America solve the bigger problems? The elephant in the room problems? The problems once solved that cannot make any political party any more money? 

America needs to have this adult conversation instead of allowing political theater to distract and detract from the wider issue of the intelligence apparatus of the Deep State centralization of the world for a communist overthrow of the entire world's governments and governance. 

The intelligence apparatus, including America's 17 agencies that have been consistently wrong about President Trump and the Middle East all the while meddling in other countries' elections/governance for decades, are also incompetent about their handling of American inner cities.

CIA and the Drug Trafficking Epidemic:
CIA and Music Industry: 
Inner City Prison Pipeline:
Inner City and Education
Drugs, bad education, low employment, and reliance on governmental systems for food, clothing, shelter, and medicine as well as behavior modification programs in entertainment, education, and prisons has led to the systemic deterioration of the inner cities.

By design as a Petri dish to test and understand human behavior... something akin to what a Nazi would do in a concentration camp scenario.  The inner cities become a crucible of human reactionary responses to negative stimuli in a situation that was built to keep people in and never allow them to succeed to get out. See MK Ultra.

It is really sick.

To blame the symptoms is to ignore the fundamental failures of policies enacted to "help" minority populations. When in fact, these policies accomplished their wider goals of disproportionately destroying hope through the loss of economic opportunity. 

When are we going to discuss the issues instead of being distracted by political and religious theatrical propaganda?  

These inner city designed destructive architectures are now being forced on the wider population. Parents flee public schools and demand vouchers as designed to herd children into charter schools. After public schools are destroyed, the corporate controlled charter schools will then dictate education to the masses and thus taking away the rest of parental rights from Americans. 

Welcome to the ghetto! Now you are all equally dumbed down, America.
Isn't socialism great? How about communism? American schools are ground zero for implementation of this political terrorism. See the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt.

Guns, abortion, gangs and drugs are all symptoms of a system that has been designed to malfunction, fail, and implode. 

What are your children being taught? 

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