Monday, October 7, 2019

Vaccinegate: MRC-5 contained in Priorix Tetra - Complete genome sequencing

Staff Writer, DL Mullan

Vaccines / Fetal DNA / Cancer

Got a vaccine lately? In this scientific breakdown of one vaccine found fetal DNA from a male human and much more that may shed light on why vaccines have become so toxic causing a myriad of illnesses and deadly reactions. 

Are the vaccine makers creating more than toxic reactions but trying to change the living human genome to induce a chimera effect to redefine the human species? 

Can you say: living Chimera? 

Wouldn't that put into question who your creator is? Where your rights and freedoms come from? 

Should we halt all vaccines until laws are put into place so that humans are no longer used as guinea pigs without our permission? 

The human reference genome was found to be matched by 99.76% reads from vaccine DNA, that means nearly in all its entirety. The human fetal DNA presented in this vaccine is a single entire genome, that means the vaccine contains genomic DNA with all the chromosomes of a male individual (in fact MRC-5 originates from a male fetus).

Given below are the analysis results of different types of variants compared to the reference human genome.

Variant analysis in cancer genes

The analysis on SNP, InDels, CNV, SV variants on 560 genes chosen because they involved in different forms of human cancer shows the presence of numerous "original" variants, that’s to say that they are, not even present in public databases, therefore are not known in the literature. In other words, important modifications of genes known to be associated with various tumor forms have been identified, for all the 560 verified genes; furthermore, there are variants whose consequences are not known, but which, however, affects genes involved in the induction of human cancer.


The human genomic DNA contained in the Priorix lot vaccine. n. A71CB256A is evidently anomalous, presenting important inconsistencies if compared to a typical human genome, i.e. the one of a healthy human being. There are several unknown variants (not noted in public databases) and some of them are located in genes involved in cancer. What is also apparently anomalous, is the excess of genome that shows changes in the number of copies (CNV) and structural variants (SV), such as translocations, insertions, deletions, duplications and inversions, many of which involve genes.

The potential contribution of the numerous variants (not present in the scientific literature and in public databases) to the phenotype of the cells used for the growth of vaccine viruses is not known.

Read the study in its entirety in the source link below.

Source: Associazione Corvelva - Vaccinegate