Thursday, March 19, 2020

Get the Memo: COVID-19 is Here and Hell is Riding in With Her

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
COVID-19 / Wuhan / Virus 

So many conservatives believe they know better than people on the front lines of this coronavirus outbreak. People with biology degrees, run science labs, or who are doctors and nurses, these qualified people are somehow being misled by real time data. Data that is not coming from mainstream media but actual sources from outside the United States in various independent media. 

Then there are the conservatives who shrug off the virus as "killing old people." 

Did you just write that in Breitbart's comments section? Statements like that make a sane person do a double take. 

Are these the same conservatives who call 15 year old girls who had an abortion knowing that is Statutory Rape territory as "whores" on their talk/radio shows? That every life is precious. We must have women give up their basic medical rights and rights to their bodies to save a sperm donors donation? 

Is this reality? 

Senicide is okay in a conservative's mind but abortion is not okay? And these are the people who quote Bible verses and jump on their soapboxes about post birth abortions. Well, if you are 65+ life doesn't apply to you. Sorry, Jesus never meant you. 

The lie is denial. The problem is denial. Unless conservatives do an abrupt about-face, their philosophy is about to be knocked onto its collective ass. 

COVID-19 is HERE. Hell is riding in with her. 

Get the memo.