Thursday, May 5, 2016

Corporate Agenda to Erode Women's Rights through Social Justice's Inclusion

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Sex Crimes / Children

The debate over unisex bathrooms continues. Many people are still signing the Sign the Boycott Target Pledge! and with good reason.

Statistics on pedophilia:
-Pedophiles are invariably males: Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men.

-Significant numbers of victims are males: Up to one-third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys (as opposed to girls).
So males of the species in most cases are predominately the offender in sex crimes against children. 2/3 of these men will target little girls.

If transgender individuals just need to pee, then why aren't they using the restrooms that correspond to their biological needs instead of attacking women's rights?

Simply because this issue isn't about equality, it's about Social Justice. Social Justice was created by the United Nations to disrupt cultures and skew facts by making every issue an emotional explosion of "in your face" mind manipulation.

Nothing is black and white except what can be proven in accepted science literature. I took child psychology at the university level. For one, there was no discourse, no test, no essay to learn about transgender. This subgroup was not even a mention several years ago, but it's headline making, law enforceable, news now?

Social Justice is UN Agenda 21.

Back to our other facts... girls are stalked and molested and raped at a much higher rate than boys by men...
-A report by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children states: "In both clinical and non-clinical samples, the vast majority of offenders are male."[3]

-A study in the Journal of Sex Research states that "pedophilia does not exist, or is extremely rare, in women."[4]
Out of the 320 or so million Americans, 162 million are women. 157 million are men. Only 700,000 consider themselves transgender.

The estimated number of child sexual offenders is about 4% of the total male population. that translates to 6,280,000 potential pedophiles, etc in the American population. 4,144,800 of those men- go after girls.
As a result, almost all research on pedophiles is based on convicted sex offenders—those who have already acted on their desires—most of whom are or have been in prison. As Judith Herman, a psychologist who works with abused children at the Victims of Violence clinic in Boston told The Daily Beast in an e-mail: “Truthfully, I don't think the psychiatric profession has much of a clue about pedophiles. Most studies are based on…the 5 percent who get caught—a very unrepresentative group.” In other words, most pedophilia research subjects are outliers.
So the transgender bathroom issue is simple. use the bathroom that corresponds to your XX or XY, or related post-op. Do not argue with me about allowing men in the little girls room. I have too many facts to be persuaded by nonsense.

Does someone want to argue the rape epidemic with me next? Nearly 300,000 women get raped a year.

Yes, let's let men into our bathrooms. what could possibly go wrong? Women fought in court to have separate bathrooms from men. Read Title 9 on why separate rooms are mandated for educational institutions who accept funding from the government. You will read sexual exploitation as one of those concerns.

People who push propaganda and the UN's Social Justice nonsense do not have any facts, have not read history, and are not informed individuals. When you allow men into the women's bathrooms, you just do not allow transgenders in, you allow over 4 million sexual predators in there too.

And, transgenders have a higher instance of going to prison than the general population. That is a fact. Another fact is that specific statistics on transgenders do not exist, so how would anyone know if transgenders have or have not committed any sex crimes against women or children? 

Companies and large corporations who sign on to the Globalist agenda like Social Justice, Agenda 21, and economic trade "Unions" do not care about the LGBT community. These entities are out to cause havoc in order to push through the TPP, TIPP. More rules and regulations to keep people in poverty and social disarray.

I supported the LGBT community with their rights initiatives only to have been betrayed by them. The companies who support men in bathrooms, I am slowly changing my buying habits to stop paying women-hating CEO's from giving my rights and safety over to men. 

I hope others will wake up to the deception. 

The transgender issue is a corporate take over of women's rights and to exploit our children.