Friday, May 27, 2016

Movie Night: You Are What You Eat: Eat a Cruelty-Free Diet

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Tyson / Food Cruelty 

A cruelty-free diet does not mean going vegetarian or vegan. Unless your health demands such restricted diets, then these are not a healthy alternative. Humans are omnivores. We must indulge in eating flesh of animals and fish to remain healthy. 

When it comes to videos like this one out of Tyson Foods, people should take notice of how their food is being treated:

Factory farming has become a violent and diseased manufacture of meals. Chickens or any animal in our food chain that is diseased, over bred, or abused in no way should be allowed to be sold to fast food chains or supermarkets.

The United States needs to end the factory farming monopolies and return to the humane and organic practices of small farms. Chickens who are raised with care and love are better for human health. 

Diseased meats need to be sprayed with bacteria and viruses in order to make them safe to eat, as is our current practice under the FDA. 

Eat smart. Buy as much gmo-free, organic foods as you can afford. That cruelty free, hormone free, chemical free will not only create a better life for its consumers but for the animals themselves.

So today's Movie Night is about taking not only our freedoms back, but our food supply back from the horrible, unclean conditions of profits over humane treatment of our animals. 

and Contact the FDA while you are at it.

Healthy food means healthy kids, adults, and cruelty free farming. 

Source:Tyson Tortures Animals,