Thursday, June 22, 2017

Changing the National Conversation: Turning the Tables on the Elite, Media Deception

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Deep State / Conspiracy Theories

The alternative, or independent, media has got to stop wallowing in the mainstream media cesspool and begin changing the national conversation back to real issues. 

The Deep State is running their operatives in the federal, state, and local governments to thwart any progress away from their complete control through a one world government. Right now, news agencies report that the Deep State is actually Obama leftovers molding away in the refrigerators of the government and leaking classified information. 

The leaks are being done by these fungi, but their orders come from on high: the Deep State of elitists. Our COG, Continuity of Government, allows the elite access to our private information, national security and intelligence apparatuses, and hold overs from previous administrations. 

The puppet masters have a front row seat to collusion with other traitorous Globalists, as well as coffee with their daily Presidential briefings. 

How does independent media counter this onslaught of disinformation? Easy, by citing every piece of evidence and laying that evidence square at the feet of the Deep State elites. 

Has a Deep State elitist or operative written a book detailing their treason? The Grand Chessboard, perhaps? Begin quoting from these books, white papers, and think tank memos.

No more paraphrasing or summation... quote with citation. 

The only way the People can win the information war is by outing the Elite taskmasters for who they are and destroying their confirmation bias feeding ground. When you are at war, you disrupt supply lines, take out artillery, and weaken the enemy. 

The independent media has been hitting back, but not hard enough. You need to become generals in an information army. Quote, cite. An army does not have to be combative or physical; an army can be of the heart and soul.

You want to take back the national conversation away from the conspiracy theories of Russia hacking and collusion, and drive the dialogue straight into the laps of the elites.

Political theater only allows the elites and their operatives time to create havoc and confuse people. So go online and begin leaving coherent, well cited messages on news media websites through social media or Disquis. Call in to radio and television shows with quotations and citations.

Let's break the trance with facts and figures. Let's use a new type of civil disobedience: common sense. The more people stand up to the media online and in public without breaking any laws; the more people we awaken to the problems of our political elite class.   

 One person can make a difference. Why can't that person be you? 

Thank you.