Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Flashback: Middle East Wars Preplanned Before and After 911

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / Warmongering

With all the lies and fake news coming from mainstream media, Americans need to take a look back at how and why we are here. All wars are bankers' wars. Americans have been manipulated to support the devastation in the Middle East so neocon/liberal politicians and their no bid contract corporations could ravage the sector. 

These acts of war for profit and resources are why we have migrant/refugee problems. Why women in Europe are being beaten and raped on a daily basis. Why terror acts are now common place.

The United Nations and economic block trade agreements like the EU and NAFTA are huge deterrents to peace. These corporations create economic problems such as the influx of unskilled, uneducated militants who deplete social safety nets and the patience of the host countries, by design of the elites. The elites are protected by armed guards while the rest of us deal with gangs, drugs, human trafficking, and destruction caused by the open borders philosophy.

If you love Open Borders so much, then go ask a Native American how that worked out for them.

If you do not know or understand the past, you are doomed to repeat it. The Native Americans were pitted against each other by foreign invaders... currently called undocumented immigrants. The tribes lost their lands and freedoms. Soon North America became a European settlement and Native Americans were enslaved.

Isn't Open Borders fun?

The Catholic Church destroyed and enslaved the native populations in Latin America, yet Spanish speakers glorify the mythical Aztland and tell Europeans to leave the lands for their urban legend. (By the way, you lost your land because you lost a war. Lookup your two treaties!) Uninformed. Uneducated. Unskilled. Illegal aliens are used as militants to foment clashes of ideology and call people racists for social control in order to lead an invasion of someone else's sovereign lands.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

All the World is a Stage... maybe it is time we retire some actors so the people of the free Earth can finally live in peace.

End refugee and migrant programs that only seek to cause civil unrest, disobedience, and culture wars. End the wars in the Middle East and send everyone back home. End multilateral trade agreements to flood sovereign nations with uninformed, uneducated, and unskilled illegal aliens.

Go live at George Clooney's, George Soros', Al Gore's, or Madonna's houses. They have a lot more breakable things than the average American does.

And probably 4D televisions, a pool, top notch alcohol, and rad automobiles to help you relax after a hard day rioting and looting in American streets waiving your foreign national flags all the while pledging your allegiance to Stalin, Lenin, and the Islamic State.

Because isn't that the point?

Source: FacelesswithEyesOpen