Sunday, June 25, 2017

Changing the National Conversation: Corporate Spying and Tracking of Americans Needs to End

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Network of Corporate Control / Government Overreach

Americans more than any other time in history are being tagged, tracked, and punished without due process of law. Corporations bribe our Congress to pass laws that undermine our rights to privacy, be secure in our persons, and due process of law. 

A recent development made the Network of Corporate Control all to clear and it is about time the American people disbanded monopolies and regained control of their personal information. 

Back doors into software and security features were created for governments to bypass probable cause and warrants in order to conduct criminal search and seizures for prosecution. Corporations have done this unconstitutional act with contract law. 

Contract law goes: I have a contract with my ISP, so that means I have given up my rights to privacy to not only the ISP but to third party corporations who cry copyright infringement every time you look at something cross-eyed. With the advent of "fake news" to censor our ability to access real information that is not government sponsored, now advertisers pull their revenue sharing and list any real information as fake or tainted or wrong.

Why are Americans putting up with corporate censorship and gatekeeping? Why are Americans allowing their politicians to change laws for corporate profiteering and spying? Why are Americans accepting biased court rulings when our Founding Fathers warned against corporate monopolies, control, and censorship?

When are Americans going to fight back?  

We need judges who are not corrupted by corporate whining and stomping around when it is the corporations responsibility to protect their information, not Joe Public. For example, I do not work for the corporations. I have no reason to protect what is not my responsibility to do so. Even software companies have been handed that responsibility by the courts, Now with the new copyright laws, anyone off the street bares the responsibility of corporate failure to do their due diligence. 

Can you say company town?

We need politicians to work for the People they were elected to represent. We need the People to stand up to this spy grid. Americans need to reestablish corporate and government boundaries when it comes to privacy protections.

So if anyone is out there listening, Americans need to sit down and devise new avenues of communication. We need a new internet that is free from corporate and government spying, tracking, and punishment without probable cause. No corporation should have the power to enter homes by stealth and get away with warrantless search and seizure through a contract. Innocent before proven guilty, yet corporations and governments have forgotten that the American people do not work for them. 

The laws are to protect our privacy and rights; the laws are not designed to do that for souless corporations. Corporations have no breath. Corporations have no life. They are a fiction. A representation on paper, corporations do not have an existence.

Americans will have to demand that corporations become redefined as something other than a person. Corporations are not people. Corporations have become agencies of governments. Corporations have redefined themselves by bribing the People's representatives into enacting unconstitutional laws for power and control of resources. 

Let's stop fighting amongst each other and fight for something more dear: our self respect. 

Americans need to demand the restoration of our basic inalienable rights before corporations become the gods the elite wish them to be.