Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deep State Massage

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Separation between Church and State

Everyone loves a massage. There are relaxing massages. There are meditative massages. There are also deep massages that can leave you ill. 

That is the massage the United States is facing under the Deep State regime: outright mental illness. 

Leaks, conspiracy theories... the Deep State creates them all. With the election of Donald J. Trump as POTUS, the Deep State's administrative chokehold on the United States is in trouble. No more demands by unelected bureaucrats from Brussels, the United Nations, and no more writing  stifling regulations for our nation. 

That is a problem for the Deep State. 

Now the American people have to deal with scandals, Russian connections, and other fake news spewing out of their television sets and internet news sites on a daily basis. 

The American people have Deep State fatigue. We did not elect the Deep State. We do not want the Deep State. With the endless warmongering, migrants, and illegal immigration, the People want their money back.

This massage turned out to be from elites who are uneducated bafoons. 

If the American people want out of this destructive cycle of the evil Deep State Empire, then the People will have to stand up to their elected officials who fawn over Globalism, the United Nations' Climate agreements, and their local news media. 

The only problem the American people, and the world quite frankly, have is an elite class hiding in the shadows dictating our policies, regulations, and procedures to create a one world government. 

And, when we say: want our money back.... that number adds up to more than the trillions siphoned off the working peoples' backs to fund the Deep State Massage of Death.

Strike back at the evil empire by voting with your dollar and raising your voice against the machine. 

Source: The Mainstream Media