Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When Will the FCC Investigate News Stations and Their Reporters?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Journalism / Social Justice

Americans are barraged by news media that does not cater to factual information but rather pushes ideologies, political parties' agendas, and advertisements hidden as "consumer news." 

Above all this noise are political hate speech, racists attacks against Americans and Veterans as well as produced segments to raise money for illegal aliens and their families. What is more concerning than those real problems on the evening news is the fact that some mainstream media are now inciting violence from small minority communities. 

If you have seen these illustrations of social justice warriors masquerading as journalists and media outlets, please file a complaint with the FCC.

Here is information concerning filing a complaint at the FCC Consumer Complaint Center

After you have read the instructions, then you can file Your FCC Complaint

The airwaves belong to the People of the United States. Media must register in order to use our airwaves for the public good. When mainstream media moves away from information and education to training and deception, it is time for the American people to take back their news.
  • Have a news station catering to Mexican Nationalism and racial hatred of Americans through Aztlan Mythology? File a complaint. 
  • Have a news station that promotes corporations as news instead of explaining they are paid to endorse certain commercial products?  File a complaint.  
  • Have a news station pushing Gender Ideology, which promotes pedophilia?  File a complaint. 
  • Have a news station interviewing and raising money for illegal aliens?  File a complaint. 
  • Have a news station creating a climate of violence against Americans by pushing racially motivated hate crimes like the removal of US War Memorials?  File a complaint.
  • Have a news station falsely reporting about Global Warming and Climate Change being real?  File a complaint. 
Americans can turn around the information war being used against them. All Americans have to do is file every single time a news outlet lies, lies, lies. Which should not be too difficult, although often. 

Take back the airwaves and take back our national discourse.

Source: FCC