Sunday, December 29, 2013

Earth to Villa de Paz: You MIght Be Missing an Electron

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Medicine / Holistic

Life sometimes leads on little journeys you have no idea why. You end up here and there. Then in a circular way you end up answering a question you didn't even know you had. 

The other day I was talking with a neighbor in Villa de Paz on the phone. Sorry, I don't remember who I was talking to, thank you brain inflammation, but I do remember what we were talking about: migraines. 

I suggested that she detox. In my experience many people with migraine and pain issues are full of environmental toxins that need to be taken out of their unbalanced systems. I know that is still correct, but she led me into another theory: Earthing. 

Earthing is the principle by which a person gets back to nature. Take your shoes off and stand on the Earth. As long as you are natural with nothing between you and dirt, grass, or even unsealed concrete, you are on the right path as it were.

Here's a little background before you go reading the Source material: the Earth is full of electrons. You have pain, illness, or dis-ease then you are in need of more electrons!  

The Lightning connection: 
There is a very significant electrical potential difference between the ground and the upper atmosphere that is responsible for generating lightning, which occurs all over the planet to help neutralize this difference. Even though you may not see any lightning when you glance outside at this very moment, it is important to realize that lightning is striking somewhere on Earth as you are reading this. This helps charge the ground with a large source of electrons. That's why the Earth's surface is negatively charged, or grounded, and why it's a natural source of electrons for your body.            
Grounding yourself through natural means or buying some Earthing gadgets, you can keep yourself in electrons all year long. It's that simple. Extra electrons may even aid in decreasing the aging process.

So go have fun puzzling your friends and family when you take off your shoes and stand out in the grass and sun for about fifteen minutes a day. Nothing says "me time" like a little quiet time in the back yard. Soak up those electrons and start feeling better!

Source: Mercola