Sunday, December 29, 2013

How Decorum has Morphed into Political Correctness for Some and Emotive Attacks Against Others

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
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George Carlin, writer, comedian, and actor, was also a great commentator and activist. In this 1999, National Press Club speech, Mr. Carlin shows us how language has become so twisted and perverted that it is a wonder how we even communicate with each other.

Of course, that is the point.

Why would an establishment, liberal or conservative, want the people to be able to communicate with one another? Aren't the people best controlled and divided by a limiting and labeling language?
"George Carlin delivered a humorous speech in which he made fun of Washington politics and the language of politics. He also talked about America's penchant for euphemism and about labeling minorities. After his remarks he answered questions submitted from the audience."
Here is George Carlin's presentation: 

If over a decade ago, our language had been so changed and mangled by politically correct words, euphemisms, and labels, then how do we return our language to a better time. Not saying: let's insult as many people as possible today! But wouldn't that be a start?

Again if you speak truth to power or just your personal truth, the word police are waiting to write you a derogatory, hate-filled ticket. Take for instance Michael Eric Dyson, his inflammatory response to someone's free speech and beliefs was:
“Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty is part of a majority white supremacist culture that either consciously or unconsciously incubates hatred toward those who are different.”
Here's the video: MSNBC's Now

Mr. Dyson, if, what you are saying is somewhat true, then why are you on many cable news shows and host some as well? A culture, that is so divisive and segregative, would not allow such diversity, now would it? I don't believe you are giving credit to the vast majority of people on this planet or in this country.

And, didn't you just incubate hatred toward those who are different? It makes you think about how our discourse has faded into the inaccuracies of someone's personal issues. From the way you spoke, it sounds like you are harboring as much anger, resentment, and supremacy as those individuals you condemn on a national stage.

Just because someone has a religious or personal belief about something or someone does not mean that they are a white supremacist or promote a dominate overbearing culture. The fact that you are subverting the national language into a race war instead of celebrating the Constitution and Bill of Rights is an embarrassment. Isn't that in itself what you are railing against?

Maybe it's people who cry wolf over the smallest of social heterodox that are the problem.

Adults agree to disagree about subjects, but we are not a socialistic, communistic, communitarian culture, nation, or republic; we are a melting pot of every person, language, culture, and religion on this planet. 

To suggest that a reality show personality should lay waste to their belief system to satisfy someone else's hurt feelings is ridiculous. Isn't that how slavery begins? In this instance, slavery of the mind?

As a liberal democrat, I am appalled at the indulgence this nation has taken in this matter. It is nothing more than changing the dialogue from our federal government's corruption and degradation of our rights to he said; she said. Deplorable. Irresponsible. Immature.

The focus of the argument should always go back to the fundamentals of our nation. Is what he said, if you agree or not, his right to say, feel, and live that belief or conviction? According to the First Amendment, yes. Unless of course you are suggesting that the freedom of speech doesn't apply to others but only to your own attribution.

This instigative, emotional word vomit that is taught in schools and colleges needs to come back to Earth. We are not the puppet of the United Nations. We are the United States of America. 

Maybe you need to take a few minutes and listen to George Carlin's speech. 

The United States has its challenges. One is to reign in this divisive behavior that has no more relevance than Federal Reserve notes. It's just one more example on how the establishment wants to create strife where there is none so the people will not come together and set the world straight.

My point of view is that if you threaten the rights of one person, than you threaten the freedom of every person. You can thank my belief system on John F. Kennedy's assertion that America is based on freedom and equality. Again, that philosophy of every [hu]man is created equal and has equal protection under the law would probably make me a white supremacist too. 

Thank you, Michael Eric Dyson, for being apart of the problem and not the solution to the real situations we face as a nation, but by putting a face on the bigotry of mainstream media.