Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama lied on Syria, corporate espionage tactics, GMO heroes & villains

Staff Writer, DL Mullan

Breaking the Set with Abby Martin's episode: Obama lied on Syria, corporate espionage tactics, GMO heroes & villains.

Here's the synopsis:
Journalist Seymour Hersh’s findings over extremist group Al-Nusra Front’s capability of creating the poisonous gas sarin, and how the Obama administration cherry-picked information to more easily draw the US into military intervention. An article from New York Magazine that suggests the CIA’s connection to cocaine trafficking is a mere conspiracy theory; Abby recalls the CIA’s support for Nicaraguan rebel fighters during the Iran Contra scandal with ties to US cocaine trafficking. Manuel Rapalo talks about the five craziest tactics of corporate espionage, highlighting a recent report by the Center for Corporate Policy that outlines examples from recent decades. Abby then interviews 14-year-old Birke Baehr, a passionate public speaker who has launched a personal crusade to raise awareness about the dangers of GMOs and the influence of giant agro-companies. Finally, a look at Hawaii’s hero and villain on the spread of GMOs on the islands.