Friday, December 6, 2013

Vaccines: the Government, Media, Pharmaceutical Coverup

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Parental Rights / Medicine

What if... many parents struggle with this question every time they look at their autistic child. What if... vaccines harmed my child? What if... vaccines caused my child's brain damage? In some cases: What if... vaccines killed my child?

Government and mainstream media have long held that there is no scientific study that links vaccines with any undesirable outcomes. What if... that was not true?

In this report by Ben Swann: Truth in Media: Vaccine Court and Autism, we find that legal jargon and media's suppression may be the government's propaganda machine employed into coercing parents to use vaccines without relating the facts of any negative consequences.

Shouldn't everyone be informed of the facts before implementation of a medical procedure? Obviously, this strategy is not one the government, mainstream media, or the pharmaceutical companies want. Then you have to ask yourself: what if? because no one in the know is going to tell you the truth. 

Be active. Be informed. Look beyond what someone in the medical field, government, or pharmaceutical industry is going to tell you, because these people/entities are not subject to informing anyone of anything. And they are not held to the legal standards of liability.

Isn't time this conduct changed? What if... it was your child?