Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Menu Link: Help Save VDP Golf Course

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest

If you have not kept up on the VDP Gazette's latest news, or our popular articles, then you would not know that Villa de Paz is under attack.

Some developer out of Canada wants to fill our green, wildlife refuge, and 40 year old community golf course with houses.

You read that right: Cookie-Cutter Houses in lieu of Environmental Green Space.

Part of the stipulations put into place by the City of Phoenix during our Annexation in the 1990's were removed. These stipulations were to safeguard our community from just this type of hostile take over. Instead the City removed these zoning regulations without the residents of Villa de Paz's knowledge.

We have two community associates that were viable and available at the time of the initial move to take away these stipulations but these entities were never contacted either. Which leaves many questions as to why the stipulations were removed in the first place and if there has been gross misconduct by the developers, lawyers, and the city itself.

In all reality if a community approved stripping their own stipulations for a new development, wouldn't there have been a group of representatives from Villa de Paz at the City Council meetings? You see our point. 

Villa de Paz wants your help to fight the influx of developments in the West Valley because politicians and developers do not consider the real needs of the community only the lining of their pocketbooks. 

To garner more support, Villa de Paz Gazette has added a menu link that goes straight to the SAVE Villa de Paz Facebook page. 

Join our fight today! 

Get together. Get mobilized. Get answers!