Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Can You Find the Ukraine?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Geography / Interactive Map

During the end of March, the Washington Post conducted a geography survey. The national survey asked 2066 Americans to find the Ukraine on the map. 
“Most thought that Ukraine was located somewhere in Europe or Asia, but the median respondent was about 1,800 miles off — roughly the distance from Chicago to Los Angeles — locating Ukraine somewhere in an area bordered by Portugal on the west, Sudan on the south, Kazakhstan on the east, and Finland on the north,” according to the Monkey Cage post, written by political scientists Kyle Dropp of Dartmouth College, Joshua D. Kertzer of Harvard University and Thomas Zeitzoff of Princeton University.
Sadly, one out of six Americans could find the Ukraine.
The point of the poll was to see how foreign policy views can be affected by people’s perceptions of where countries are located. In fact, according to the post,”The further our respondents thought that Ukraine was from its actual location, the more they wanted the U.S. to intervene militarily.”
Even sadder, the dumbing down of Americans through the public education system over the past several decades are working in the favor of the elite ruling class. Lack of knowledge and information is not the problem, Americans need to spend a few hours a week learning or re-learning the world around them. Since many have the internet, perhaps it's time to use this tool for more than social media and gaming. 

Usage of the internet like that could change the world. Or, at least, keep America from going to wars induced by the ultra wealthy corporations and bankers. Then our military could be used for actual positive purposes instead of destructive ones the globe over. 

For your entertainment and education, enjoy the interactive map of the world via this link:

Isn't it time Americans stop acting stupid about the ramifications of our elites' global domination policies? 

After all the elite ruling class is doing terrible actions in your name with money your grandchildren will have to pay back.

Source: Maps of the World, Time