Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Confessions of an FDA agent, truth behind ‘Honor Diaries’ & US’ embarrassing illiteracy rate

Staff Writer, DLMullan
News / Government

Abby Martin talks about ‘breakthrough’ technology discovered by the US Navy that converts sea water to fuel, yet is only being considered for military use. A report by RT’s Lucy Kafanov from Kabul, Afghanistan, about the presidential elections, the background of the two frontrunners and the looming 2014 NATO withdrawal. Former Food and Drug Administration agent Gary Collins tells why the agency isn’t looking out for consumers and how the FDA differs from its counterparts in other industrialized countries when it comes to regulating genetically modified foods and additives. A controversial new film called ‘Honor Diaries’, which highlights a practice performed in some Islamic countries known as Honor Killings - the financiers of the movie are all associated with organizations that promote Islamophobia. Finally, Dr. Richard Long, co-author of the new book ‘Blueprint for a Literate Nation’ discusses the US’ declining literacy rate and solutions to this growing problem affecting 14 percent of Americans.

Source: Breaking the Set