Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reimaging Arizona: How False Promises of America 2050 are Defacing Our State

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
Megaregions / Sustainability

Phoenix, Arizona is an unlikely place to force Agenda 21 on, but it is happening. False promises of sustainability are leading the state capitol and many other cities around it into a megaregion of people without the resources necessary to sustain such a massive human island population.

City of Phoenix residents are mailed fliers and information monthly on how to cut back on water, power, and other necessities for those living in this arid climate. Is it for conservation? Or, is there some other machination at work?

Enter: Megaregions.

The United Nations (U.N.), ICLEI, and Sustainability/Reimaging (marketing terms) are reshaping the United States into an unrecognizable landscape of multiuse housing, infilling, and other terrible planning ideas through the use of unnecessary bicycle lane grants and horrendous rezoning practices known as Agenda 21 dogma disguised as "Sustainability."

Does Phoenix really need 20 million plus people in the Valley? Will cutting my trash waste, water consumption, or utility use really help create a better planet? Or, a futuristic wasteland in the Sonoran Desert?

The whole premise behind Agenda 21, Sustainability, and Reimaging cities and towns in the United Nations' own image is to save the planet from CO2. Carbon dioxide, what plants breathe in and animals breathe out, is the dragon to be slayed.

Wouldn't it be logical to begin a campaign to put solar on cars and houses immediately instead of painting and extending bike lanes? Wouldn't it be more feasible to plant more vegetation? Wouldn't any idea be better than creating Megaregions, attacking rural farmers/ranchers, and wasting tax payer money on a grand scale?

It does not matter that Climate Change and Global Warming are not real. It's the suspicion something is happening to the world because of humans. Yep, the Earth is being polluted and poisoned by governments and corporations on a daily basis, yet a resident's water usage and trash waste is eyed as the culprit. Not to mention breathing, which is another fallacy, carbon dioxide is not the enemy. The enemy of the planet is the lack of common sense. 

Perhaps instead of wasting tax payer money on refurbishing bike lanes and informational U.N. propaganda, the City of Phoenix should be finding ways to house the homeless, feed the starving masses, help the elderly and disabled, and create jobs with a living wage.

It's way more complicated than painting a bike lane, but positive economic growth and refusal of United Nations' grants will do more for the ecology in the long run than "social justice." How about regular justice? The City of Phoenix becomes a place where plants, animals, and people all live in balance and harmony, where the desert is protected but admired and used for positive purposes, where the land, air, and water are respected without the addition of chemicals, poisons, and genetically modified anything?

Or does the destruction of our natural and beautiful desert at the behest of the United Nations more important because of the "grants" of tax payer money? 

Think about it. Common sense sounds better. People want to enjoy the Earth, free from government interference and corporate greed, don't you agree?

It is after all the People's resources. 

Source: America 2050