Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Sustainability Looks When Phoenix is Transformed into a Human Waystation

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
United Nations / Agenda 21

Social Equity, Economy, and Ecology; Tenets of Sustainable Development
Have you wondered what all the marketing is on your city water bills? City mail? Why your electric company keeps sending you "energy score cards?" And, other waste of money mailings that try to tell customers their consumption of utilities is unmanageable? Unsustainable? Horrifying?

Have you ever wonder how much of the Sustainability scheme is a lie?

How about all of it.

Sustainability is not about creating a better Earth or ending pollution from corporate or governmental entities, it's about creating a human prison system on planet Earth.

Do you believe this plan is impossible? People who believe in Agenda 21 are conspiracy theorists? Then you need to get the facts:

Agenda 21 -Source Document from the United Nations

United Nations Document - Land should be Public, not available for Private Ownership: "Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market."


Picture Smart Growth - it's terrible b/c there's no room for you.

Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook with Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change

President's Council on Sustainable Development

ICLEI, the USA website

Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide - City of Phoenix's Planning Guidebook

Wildways Wilderness Project - Where are Humans going to Live?  Can you see how NAFTA was used to push Mexicans off their land and into the United States via Illegal Immigration?

Wildways Impact of their Projects - Guided slideshow showing Federal Government Land Grabs. Wonder why the ranchers in Nevada are being targeted? Agenda 21. (Ben Swann's Exclusive Videos: Fed’s 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake as an example of this UN plan.)

Complete Streets - Nowhere to park and the disabled have little choices

Alliance for Biking and Walking - Pressure Lobbyists for less Logical Growth

The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) - You didn't vote them in and you don't have a voice but they sure like to make decisions that directly impact your way of life and like to spend your tax money.

There are three cornerstones of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: Economy, Ecology, and Social Equity. Here is how the Post Sustainability Institute describes this trend toward the human island syndrome of current ideolog planning and zoning of Phoenix, Maricopa County, and surrounding communities:
Economic collapse creates a chain of events, but on a micro level (county, city) there is a marked reduction in revenue for maintenance of services. Loss of services to outlying areas means, for example, roads not being maintained to rural and suburban areas. Roads not being maintained to those areas, schools not being supported in those areas, law enforcement/fire/social services not being supported in those areas means a gradual movement into the denser city centers. Add to that the increased cost of gasoline (manipulated), and the higher cost of energy (manipulated) to heat and cool statistically larger homes, and you have more pressure to leave rural and suburban areas. Reduction of energy usage is key. Smart Growth/New Urbanism in Redevelopment Areas is the supposed answer: smaller units, attached condos, little or no parking, few private cars. More eyes on the street. Redevelopment projects are the implementation arm of the UN plan, and include rezoning of huge sections of your cities to Smart Growth zones. This physical manifestation of UN Agenda 21 is social engineering paid for with your property tax dollars. These areas then have their property taxes diverted away from your services and into the pockets of a few developers and bond brokers for 30-45 years. Result? Bankrupt cities and counties.

In addition to these factors, ecologically motivated regulation makes rural/suburban development prohibitive. From stream/creek/ditch protection to watershed protection, to bayland/inland/rural corridor prohibitions, to increased species protection (lists are growing), the use of land is greatly limited. Water well monitoring and loss of water rights reduce the opportunity for living outside of cities. Wildlands programs that prohibit roads and trails into rural areas while supposedly protecting them with conservation easements increase the loss of our food source independence. The sale of development rights to Agricultural Land Trusts that restrict farmers and ranchers from using their lands and therefore make it impossible to farm for more than one more generation endanger our ability to feed ourselves.

Add to this the pressure from ICLEI Climate Protection Campaigns to reduce our energy usage to pre-1985 levels, and increased regulations on industry and you have the perfect storm for loss of jobs and greater dependence on other countries for goods. As the population becomes more and more urbanized and less able to provide food or necessary products, more people are dependent on the government for housing, food, and other basic necessities. Government itself becomes dependent on grants and loans with requirements attached. In this way policy-makers are influenced and pressured by the corporatocracy. Public/private partnerships favor some businesses over others and completely unbalance the playing field. Independent businesses go bankrupt. Poverty works its way into the middle class.

Social equity, another one of the cornerstones of Agenda 21 comes in here. As a major leveler, the loss of money, land, food, and energy independence brings the US into 'social equity' with the poorer countries. This is a goal of Agenda 21. Health will suffer, presumably health care will suffer, nutrition will suffer. Psychological problems, stress from living in tight Smart Growth areas with other un- or underemployed people, and crime will result. Community Oriented Policing will encourage, if not require, people to watch their neighbors and report suspicious activity. More activity will be identified as 'crime'--such as obesity, smoking, drinking when you have a drinking problem, name calling, leaving lights on, neglect (in someone's perception) of children, elderly, and pets, driving when you could ride a bike, breaking a curfew, and failure to do mandatory volunteering. The 'community' will demand more law enforcement to restore order, and more rules and regulations will ensue. The lines between government and non-governmental groups will blur more and more as unelected local groups make policy decisions using the Delphi Technique to manufacture consensus. The Chinese and Russian models are instructive in what you can expect under Communitarianism. See Nien Cheng's Life and Death in Shanghai, and Alexsander Solzhenitsen's The Gulag Archipelago for real world examples. The war on terror is a Communitarian plan designed to terrorize YOU.

You can see that the groundwork for this has been laid and is being implemented throughout the nation. When you create deep dependence and then withdraw assistance the result is chaos and poverty. Propaganda infuses our culture with messages that there are just a few winners and many losers; that we are killing the earth and time is running out; that prosperity is an anachronism and detrimental to life; that individual freedom is selfish and injures those who are less free.

This is UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

Communitarianism is the 'balancing' or subsuming of individual rights below the needs of the 'community.' The community is defined now as the global village. So anything identified as serving the global village takes precedence over the rights of the individual. In the United States, our constitution guarantees our rights to life and liberty. Ownership of property includes that of our own persons.

Personal liberty is at odds with Communitarianism, the new standard of the Twenty-first Century. Join us in fighting UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.
Angry yet? Then get involved with your city, city council, mayor, and county officials today. Voters can change this scenario. If the local planning commissions and representatives will not listen, then pressure state legislatures to pass laws against implementing these United Nations' directives.

This country is the United States, not the Soviet Union. What is happening in our country is nothing short of treason. Let's change it.