Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day 2014 from Your Supreme Overlords

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photographer, DL Mullan
Earth Day / Eco-Terrorism

Earth Day is about taking the time and wondering what each of us can do to make the Earth a better place. Conserve water? Create less waste? Recycle? 

How does any of that matter when our own government and military do this blatant eco-terrorism on a daily basis around the planet? And, now on Earth Day in Phoenix, Arizona?

How much taxpayer money is wasted for the military to play childish chemistry games with our atmosphere? 

This is the Earth, not a laboratory.

It is a betrayal of the public trust.
What will it take for you to get involved?

People, plants, and animals are becoming sick because of these horrible experiments.

Clouding over the sun leads to a deficiency of Vitamin D. Rickets anyone?
If you want more information, VDP Gazette's Movie Night this Friday, April 25th will open your eyes. 

Plus the VDP Gazette has taken numerous photos and reported on this terrorism. 

It is our goal to inform the public to take action against these geoengineering programs.

Have pictures of your own? 

Upload them to Skyder Alert.

 Do you know this pilot? 

We cannot house, cloth, or feed our people but our government can waste billions of dollars on programs that do nothing to help the Earth, but the government goes out of its way to create the global warming and climate change they fear.

Right above my house.

Over Downtown Phoenix.

This is appalling.

Do any of our conservation efforts really matter when the elite of society pollute, poison, and destroy Earth on such a massive scale?

Happy Earth Day 2014.