Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tampons the Ultimate Weapon Against School Micromanagement

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
School Policy / Parental Rights

Really? Principals don't have a better use of their time but make unruly rules? Young women are being forced at school to carry their feminine hygiene products around... in what? Backpacks and purses have been banished from Galesburg High School campus in Illinois. 
“Things like people texting in purses — in class or inappropriate items coming into class and so it wasn’t a single incident, it wasn’t even two or three, it was a combination of all those,” Principal Roy Van Meter stated to the local news affiliate.
Duh, they are kids. When rules are so overbearing, children of that age tend to rebel. How long have you been a school principal anyway? It's psychology 101.

Maybe it's not the students. Perhaps it's the school. 
“She carries her personal feminine napkins in it, hand sanitizing lotion and wipes during her monthly cycle,” the girl’s mother, Carri Harding, told WQAD8 on Wednesday.
Wow! Surprised the poor girl wasn't arrested, but placed in in-house suspension until she gets a doctor's note for her "medical condition." Obviously, it is a directive from someone who has never had a period. 
“Really, a medical condition? I mean, every woman has it every month. It’s not a medical condition, it’s nature,” Harding said in the interview. “I just think that, that particular aspect of their policy should be re-looked at and maybe gone about a different way.”
It's ridiculous. Young women should have access to their necessities during school hours. Their feminine care products are supposed to remain sanitary for good reason. The products should not be lying around in a metal locker or easily lost or stolen from a young lady's pants pocket. 

Women need their privacy. Adults need to get real.
The purse ban is only the latest controversial school rule to hit the headlines. Earlier this month, a Florida school board member proposed a dress code for parents who she claimed dressed too sloppily. “Many parents pick their children up wearing curlers in their hair, sweatpants that fall down, and even pajamas,” board member and creator of the ban Rosalind Osgood told Yahoo Shine. “How can we teach our children to be serious about education if their parents don’t set the right tone?” And last May, according to an upset father on Reddit, his son's unnamed preschool prohibited kids from engaging in "superhero play" to prevent injuries.
Parents, it's time to take your school systems back. 

These people are your employees. You need to start demanding respect for you and your children. No more RFID chips in ID cards. No more school-prison indoctrination. No more drug testing students.

School is there for learning. If your children get bad grades, then you deal with their texting in class. It's not the school's responsibility to police or parent your children; it's a parent's responsibility. 

While you are at putting boundaries on your school officials, take the time to take back your family too.

Or next thing the school bans from campus, maybe you.

Source: Yahoo! News