Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fish or Not to Fish, Dinner Decisions

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Health/Life Style

Many Americans love to put seafood on their plates. Why not? It's supposed to be a healthier alternative to red meat. Plus, seafood tastes wonderful!

Thanks to corporate and government irresponsibility, the oceans of the world have become over fished and polluted. Moreover, the oil spill and subsequent spraying of Correxit in the Gulf of Mexico has left that food source poisoned and some areas dying. Fukashima radiation has made this food source from the Pacific Ocean inedible as well.

Unless the seafood you are eating comes from Alaska or Northern Atlantic areas, seafood is not a viable option for eating anymore. Most fish from private and foreign fisheries are not healthy either.

What to do?

This article was inspired by the "12 fish you should never, ever eat." In reality, any fatty fish will contain a host of carcinogens, PCPs, mercury, and possibly petroleum and Correxit, if from that region.  Fish with less fat to them usually contain less of these horrible chemicals. If you choose farmed fish, then you are now eating antibiotics and other veterinarian pharmaceuticals. Foreign farmed fish are not as regulated as U.S. companies are and their fish could contain other contaminates in addition.

But back to the question of what to do? Research the Gulf Coast and the oil spill before buying any seafood from there. Ask why there is a mainstream media black out of activists if there is truly nothing wrong.

Search how radiation from Japan's failed nuclear reactor is affecting the Pacific Ocean. Ask why the government is not reporting on the radiation levels and has shut down it's detectors on the west coast, especially in key areas.

Ask questions. It's your food. Your health. Your life.

Source: Yahoo!