Sunday, November 17, 2013

People Revolt Against Mainstream Media

Staff Writer: DL Mullan
Current Event / News 

Criminal media, I mean, mainstream media is feeling the heat as MAMM (March Against Mainstream Media) protests were held outside news outlets across America and London.

People are tired of having filtered news that doesn't tell them anything. Mainstream media has been bought out and is now controlled by seven conglomerates that sanitize the news. It should be called: we don't want you to know anything news except what we are told to tell you...

Good luck if you hear of Citigroup or ALEC writing your laws instead of the people you pay and elect. Good luck if you get one iota of information about the radiation nightmare that has become the Fukashima plant in Japan. Good luck if you even hear about real issues like fluoride in the water, GMO's in your food, or poisons in your vaccines... it's all good, nothing to see here, keep moving.

It seems like corporations, government, and media don't want you knowing the state of the world. It's not a pretty picture. The people in charge of the world have made quite the mess and then get on the news to tell the average person it is his or her fault for being alive, instead of telling you about the people who actually committed the crimes against humanity.

Protesters have come together to fight the war on journalism. Speak the truth. Let journalists do their jobs. Stop controlling the spin.

Did you see a story of this event on your local news? Then why not? Maybe you should demand it.

It's a sad day in America when I have to go find the news about America from Russia Today. Chew on that hypocrisy...

Source: Russia Today