Friday, November 22, 2013

TPP, the Toilet Paper Ponzi Scheme of ALL Trade Agreements

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
News / Politics

When is a trade agreement full of excrement? When it sells out American interests, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, American workers, all for the sake of secrecy, special interest power grab, and corporate profits. 

What's worse? Our Congressional Leaders are NOT allowed to see it. That's right and President Barack Obama wants to Fast-Track the agreement before the first of the year. Those people who have seen the leaked parts of the TPP characterize it as:

Watch this video for a breakdown at Democracy Now! 

Talk about a grab bag of corporate private rules being enforced as public law. That means foreign companies and governments can sue our government for having quality standards written into legislation as well as an intellectual property gestapo that stifles any new business or creative venture: written or artistic.

Not only would thought police make a splash more and more into our culture, but medicines would have a longer gestation before generics could become available. You can see insurance premiums grow higher as food safety rules are relaxed for foreign markets to raid your grocery shelves.

With the Trans Pacific Partnership, nothing is safe.

There go your jobs.
There goes the environment protections.
No more Buy American advertisements.
Another mega bank/corporate free for all.

Haven't the American People had enough of a me, me, me political, corporate, and bank monopoly of your lives?

Want action? YOU are the action you seek. Call, write, visit... your Congressional representatives today and call the White House while you're at it.

Enough is enough.