Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Phoenix Planning Officer Decision Becomes Wait and See

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest

After all the hard work, presentations, speeches, coordination and planning, the City of Phoenix has deferred its Hearing Officer Decision for another 10 days. Since the Thanksgiving holiday is next week, 10 days is almost going to feel like three weeks, with a decision coming as late as December 6th.

Even with the meeting being held during a weekday morning, the residents of Villa de Paz were still able to fill the City Council Chambers. This community is keen and passionate about saving their way of life.

Until the Phoenix Hearing Officer makes a decision, the residents are asking everyone to flood the City Councilpersons' phones and emails with support for keeping their golf course intact. Here is the City Council contact information:

Councilwoman Williams 602-262-7444
Councilman Waring 602-262-7445
Councilman Gates 602-262-7441 council.district.3@phoenix,gov
Councilman Valenzuela 602-262-7446

CouncilmanDiCiccio 602-262-7491
Councilman Nowakowski 602-262-7492

Support a community that values: their neighbors, family, and faith. Save the golf course today.