Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vulture Capitalists Set Sights on Valley Green Spaces

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest

The Wigwam Golf Course like the Villa de Paz Golf Course is in the crosshairs of greedy developers as well. These two courses are not alone. Across the nation, golf courses have seen a decline in holes played, not because people have lost love for the game, but because of the financial hardship the markets have endured unemploying millions.

With the real estate bubble burst, many Americans have felt the pinch in their pocketbooks. From underemployment or being on unemployment, Americans have been hit the hardest for underhanded, gambling practices of the banks and Wall Street. Instead of waiting out the recession caused by big business, golf courses are selling out to the corporate bullies leaving communities ravaged.

Reston in Fairfax County is facing the same destruction of their lifestyle and community as is Villa de Paz. "It is reasonable to assume if we do not take this action, the price of our homes will be dramatically affected and overall real estate values will be degraded when the homes are no longer located on or near a golf course," John Pinkman of Reston said. "Not to mention the effect on the quality of the life you intended to lead when you purchased your home."

Expectation, like with all master planned communities, the residents have an expectation that results from living in a golf course community. 

The residents at Reston have also taken to the internet to let others know of these backdoor dealings to destroy green areas for housing developments at

Join us in our fight against big corporate interests destroying our Villa de Paz community, the Wigwam Resort, Reston, and other places of respite all across the nation. Call, email your city today. Here is ours: City of Phoenix Council Members: 

 Councilwoman Williams  602-262-7444
Councilman Waring  602-262-7445
Councilman Gates  602-262-7441  council.district.3@phoenix,gov
Councilman Valenzuela  602-262-7446
CouncilmanDiCiccio  602-262-7491
Councilman Nowakowski  602-262-7492 

Every email and phone call counts even if you live next to one of these communities. So please start writing and calling today!

Source: West Valley View, Reston Patch