Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Good to Each Other

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest

Everyone in the Villa de Paz Community and Gazette want to wish our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We're taking today off and maybe even tomorrow because holidays are about family and friends, not shopping. 

It is one thing to want to increase your store's revenue; it is another to do it at the expense of families.

If you want to return to American values then vote with your dollar: stop shopping on holidays and give someone else a break. We do not need Black Friday. We have the internet to shop until we drop. We do not need to do in-store shopping, retailers can offer their discounted wares on the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving and also not on Christmas Eve or Christmas itself. 

I for one cannot wait for the American culture to switch back to help your neighbor instead of today's selfish: ME, ME, ME. 

So take these next four days to unwind and unplug... and help your wife/mother around the kitchen and house. She is your wife/mother, not your servant. The game on tv or via a console can wait. 

Remember we are only here for a finite amount of time. Use it wisely. Be with family and friends, not the TV or cashier's counter.

Some friendly advice from someone who does not have a lot of time left on this Earth. 

I'm going to go share my holiday with my feline associates whom I love very much. These little friends have become my family and rightfully so, they take as good of care of me as I do of them. Synergy is a wonderful lifestyle.

Have a great and wonderful holiday!  

Editor and Writer,

DL Mullan ;)--=