Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pope Francis and the Little Evangelii Gadium that could

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / Religion

The Separation of Church and State is a sentiment the Catholic Church has not cared much about since its inception. If you do not know, today the Pope released his "Evangelii Gadium." Or, as it should be known: "Almost Got it Right, but No Cigar." Maybe he will do better next time. 

Pope Francis, what you attacked today was not Capitalism, more like Capitolism. It is the switch from an economy based on items bought, sold, and transported by individuals and not by the government to my version with an "O." 

CapitOlism is a private market where corporations write their own laws to exclude competition through regulation and taxation while maintaining that regulations and taxation are hurting their profits. When in actuality the problem is not having the entire monopoly over their chosen market because some small businesses survive economic terrorism executed by these corporate tyrants. 

The way this agenda is accomplished is by bribing politicians and governments to surrender total control to the corporate empire. Individual rights are ignored while the rich corporate entities and the poor work force's economic separation grows deeper and deeper for the complete economic, political, social, psychological, religious, mobile, militaristic, and communicative domination by this elite oligarchy.

What the Pope fails to articulate is that conservatism is NOT a religion. It is a political agenda that declares: the few should rule the many by telling the many it is their fault for the world's woes. Why should the few have to pay for the many being lazy whiners? When in reality, the opposite is true. The few are lazy whining about what they don't own. Pay themselves obscene amounts of money and bonuses to run companies into the ground. Steal workers' pension funds. Gamble with stocks, bonds, and derivatives. This economic terrorism is to destroy the economy with booms and busts, which weed out any competition until the many have nothing: no jobs, no homes, and no way not to be dependent on government money and control.

And I still have not figured out how that can be "compassionate."

Trickle down economics was debunked quite some time ago. It does not work. Well, it does, just in the opposite direction. The riches do not funnel down. Wealth is funneled upward. Again the economic disparity grows.

That is the point, Pope Francis.

The problems of the world were created by humans for greed, lust, and power. All of these materialistic possessions of the mind are ones that can never be attained. It is an illusion. Our lives are an illusion. Humans are spiritual creatures. Immaterial in the span of eternity as are possessions.

Yet, a few maintain that they are the ruling class when that is an illusion too. All humans were created equal. Equal Rights. Equal lives. Equal liberties. Equal pursuits of happiness.

Pope Francis, the only way the poor are assisted is not by socialism, communism, or fascism. It is CapitAlism. Until cronyism, nepotism, idolatry, greed, and delusions of grandeur are eliminated from the economic system by actual reform, regulation, and de-monopolization of the current corporate stratagem, then this attack on the poor will continue by impoverishing 99% of the world.

We need sanity. No more "too big to fail." Instead people need to render those marketing terms as negative impacts on people and create true CapitAlism, then and only then can the poor be lifted into an upward economic motility that creates real prosperity. Not the illusion of prosperity for the top one percent of society.

When people strive, invent, and dream, that is how the human race benefits, touches the Moon, and explores beyond the immature banality of war, terrorism, and tyranny.

But it takes leadership.

If you want to discuss the realities of the world, I'm sure one of your people can find my number. Until then, each individual who calls themselves an American needs to read, research, and discover the extrinsic duality of our laws, government, and global elitists. It's not glamorous, but the rewards for returning to our Forefather's vision of equality, rights, and success will be well worth the sacrifice.