Saturday, November 30, 2013

Touch and Go Comet

Staff Writer, DL Mullan

Scientists have been eagerly awaiting the return of Comet ISON, but after the comet's brush with the Sun, little hope was found.

Comet ISON appeared to be non-existent... until now.

Some remnants have been discovered. How long, how bright, how much of the nucleus survived are the questions of the year. If enough survived, then ISON could be a bright visage in the night's sky during the month of December.

"This has unquestionably been the most extraordinary comet that ... I, and many other astronomers, have ever witnessed," Karl Battams wrote, an astrophysicist with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington. "This story isn't over yet."

And hungry stargazers will be waiting for Comet ISON to write more across the sky.

Source: Yahoo!