Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Villa de Paz Resident Speaks Out about Development

Writer, Karen Kopchick
Community Interest

I'm writing to you to voice my opinion regarding the need for the Villa de Paz Golf Course stipulation to remain intact.  We have been residing in Villa de Paz since my special needs/cognitively disabled daughter was in kindergarten (Villa de Paz Elementary was crowded back then) for whom just graduated high school on mine and my husband's 27th anniversary 5/22/13.

Have our homes not suffered enough of a loss of property value due to the economic collapse of housing?

My daughter gets around in this neighborhood pretty good.  She is unable to ride a normal bike and therefore has a 3 wheeled version.  I'm afraid that if it is made to handle more people/houses that she will possibly get lost in her own neighborhood and have more traffic to deal with.  Special people are known for not acclimating to change very well so please help maintain our neighborhood for her as well as the other residents of this awesome neighborhood.
pic of me and my daughter
I'm from Memphis, Tennesse and bought specifically here due to the green space.  I also bought specifically here to avoid HOA's for which we had bad experiences with while residing in Kissimmee, Florida for four long awful, terrible years, and the cost of living is that of New York City.

As well, there was some concern expressed at the meeting at The Hope Center regarding construction causing dust/dirt debris and therefore exposing us to Valley Fever.  The neighbor across the street, who is no longer with us, had this fungal infection and battled it for years and it was a contributing factor to his death.  They also have a special needs son residing there.  I also have 2 beautiful dogs and it would devastate me for my 2 family members to be stricken with Valley Fever.  

I have no pet insurance and their medical bills are usually MORE expensive than ours. Their treatment would be so expensive that I would probably have to euthanize them due to being unable to afford treatment.  I can't even afford my copay right now due to the deplorable conditions of our insurance in this country.

When the City of Phoenix annexed this neighborhood 20 years ago, a stipulation was set in place that the golf course land can ONLY be used as an 18 hole golf course.  

Please help the City of Phoenix keep their word and do not allow the greedy developers to change the rules for their benefit.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.