Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Case for Reno 911? Police Brutality Escalates Beyond Humorous Anecdotes

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Police / Law

CopWatch is a website and Facebook education page that informs the public about their rights and police brutality. 

In recent days, a man studying to become an officer of the law threatened anyone who was a member, including other officers, military personnel, and the public.

His statements show the growing disparity between what Policemen and Policewomen should be versus the militarization of local law enforcement:
If you were a law abiding citizen you wouldn’t have any problem with 5-0, but something tells me you were probably being a jackass towards a police officer and you got what was coming to you, and that inspired you to make a page giving a bad name to all law enforcement.

…I hope some cop beats your ass next time you’re “protesting” or filming them or whatever. In fact I’m about to start the training academy for the washoe county sheriffs dept in reno, Nevada and I can’t wait to deal with punk ass bitches like you. I would beat your fucking ass just for the sheer joy of it.

If I had my way, there would be another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of fucking cunt scabs like you. I hope you die.
Cop Block identified the writer as Darren Redding, a solider, and resident of the Reno, Nevada area. Hence the need for Reno 911 because this individual is not only unfit for public service but also combat duty, Mr. Redding has some issues that exclude him from participating in any government position. He should be removed from any duty he may have and placed on leave pending a psychological evaluation.

Now reflect on those violent comments while you hear about Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man who did nothing against six aggressive officers. While these murderers with badges were beating Mr. Thomas to death, the man cried out: 
  • Dad, help me... they're killing me - 31 times
  • Sir, please... okay... okay - 30 times
  • Help me... help me, God - 26 times
  • I'm sorry... - 15 times
Two of these six supposed Police Officers were acquitted by a jury, In the article, With Verdict in Kelly Thomas Case, Authority of Police to Beat People to Bloody Pulp Preserved, juries are now under the mental and emotional control of an abusive military tribunal system called our criminal justice courts. With video evidence of the entire beating and subsequent murder of the homeless man, this supports the conclusion that the public sees local law enforcement as enforcers and not public servants.
The parents of Kelly Thomas understand what this means. “This is carte blanche to police officers to do whatever they want.”

“All of us need to be very afraid now,” he said. “Police officers everywhere can beat us, kill us, whatever they want, but it has been proven right here today they’ll get away with it.”

Kelly’s mother, Cathy, said, “They got away with murdering my son.”
Yes, these officers did.

The corner's report stated: “Thomas died of asphyxia due to chest compression and injuries to his head and chest during the struggle on July 5, 2011, at the Fullerton Transportation Center.” How can anyone justify acquittal after knowing the facts?

More disturbing is the trend toward complete law enforcement anarchy toward the public by making up their own rules and laws. This behavior of power and control takes over their mental faculties and creates disillusionment. The new police feel they are judge, jury, and executioner... and the public are acquiescing to this false pretense. 

Police work for the public, not the other way around.

If you believe this article is harsh against local law enforcement, then please read articles like:
If you want this escalation in police violence against the public to end, then the public and law enforcement need to end the excuses that support murdering with a badge. Militarization of the police force is causing unprofessional behavior across the country. Police do not need AK-47's, tanks, drones... rocket launchers. Posse Comitatus, remember?

Although one bright spark came from a Veteran and Former Police Officer in Support of Cop Block and their responses to the Threat from Darren Redding with these statements:
Response from Marine veteran: …I just want to point out something you should have already known as a Marine, Something that every single member of the Armed forces knows. Actions have consequences…

You served our country, and you want to do more by serving your Local community. I get that. But like myself, you swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, Against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Your response paints a picture that you want to violate your oath and deny the rights of over 86,000 people who like Cop Block. People who do not want to crush the police or hate them. People who want Law enforcement to uphold the law, respect and defend the rights of the people they are sworn to protect, and not abuse the power they wield for some sense of personal power.

As a Veteran I support the Cop Block page because I support the Constitution. I support this page because I believe that as a republic we should venerate the just and punish the guilty, regardless of Rank, Title, or if they have a badge.

This little rant you posted came across as a death threat. In the age of digital distribution a screenshot of this will kill your resume when your prospect employer googles you. It will kill your credibility in a court of law when you need to testify as the defense lawyer will have dirt on you that clearly shows that you are a cop who thinks he is above the law and is out to crush all dissent.

Response from former police officer: I’m one of CopBlock’s biggest fans and a former Police Officer from Texas. A lot of cops are corrupted by stress and power at some point in their career. The real losers are the wannabees who should never have such responsibilities in the first place because they lack maturity and personal integrity.

The most unintelligent thing a potential cadet candidate could possibly do is to mouth off in a public forum on the internet and alert the people he wants to work with that he is entirely unfit for consideration for training.

Goodbye loser, your big mouth just cost you a career and saved the public from having to deal with you in the future. Oh- not sure about Nevada, but in Texas you might be prosecuted for “making a terroristic threat” in this situation. Idiot.
Maybe the tide might be turning back to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the American way.

Only if people stand up to violence and injustice everywhere.

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