Thursday, January 23, 2014

WTF? Japan is the Murder Capital of the World

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
International News / Government

Are you proud of that title, Japan?

What has been transpiring in Japan over the last few years has been nothing short of dishonor and disgrace. Yet Japan continues unabated and unembarrassed. What seems to be the goal for the island nation in the Pacific is to be notorious for: murder.

Instead of asking for assistance like an honorable neighbor, Japan has allowed Fukushima to radiate out of control until now the entire Pacific Ocean is dying. In the article, Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean – Could It Be Fukushima? the question is posed to the audience.

So, let's answer with a resounding: YES!

Now, Japan is going against international agreement again that saves ocean life in order to satisfy their "traditions." Traditions include the mass murder of cetaceans. From October to March of every year, Japanese fishermen set out to capture and murder 20,000 dolphins and small whales per annum.

Here's how the Japanese treat their captives: 
Scott West is the leader of a team of Sea Shepherd activists who monitor what goes on in the cove - a narrow inlet where about 2,000 dolphin and small whales are killed every year.

"They now use a technique called pithing and this is where they will drag the dolphins by their tails up onto the rocky beach in the shallow cove area and drive a steel rod down through their spine," he said.

"But the steel rod is removed and then a wooden plug is put into the hole and then pounded into place with a wooden mallet, all for the intention of keeping the blood from filling the cove."
With the dying ocean and now killing more, the question should be asked of Japan: What is wrong with you? To add insult to injury, a new wrinkle has surfaced in the baby killings: an albino dolphin.
Albino bottlenose dolphins are extremely rare, and are worth considerable money to marine parks as spectator items and entertainment. So naturally the baby was the first to be pulled out of the pod. As he was being manhandled by the workers, his mother was frantically spy hopping and desperately calling for her baby. After thirty minutes she took herself down to the bottom of the cove and never resurfaced. We fear she is now dead.

The baby albino was then taken to the Taiji Whale Museum where they are proudly displaying him in captivity.

I am not an animal activist. I will voice my concerns for the vulnerable, whether they are human or animal. The reason I have started the petition is not just that theft on a grand scale from the ocean has been committed, but that research supports that baby dolphins in pods of families are not just cared for by their mothers but from everyone in the pod. This baby albino should not be held in a museum, away from those that can care for it.
 Japan, WTF are you doing? 

You are not acting like a strong country. You are acting weak and vulnerable. Is that why China wants to encroach on your territory?

But getting back to the murder section of our story, not only are you murdering wildlife and selling some of them to theme parks across the world, you are literally killing the Pacific Ocean with radiation. In addition, your inability to make steadfast decisions is now harming your own population:

Study says fallout from nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan may be harming local infants

But the outrageous behavior of the Japanese government does not end there.

The Taiji Town Councillor, Hisato Ryono was concerned about the meat harvested from these inhumane kills. 
"I read that the council would use the dolphin meat for school lunches," he said.

"So I did some tests of the meat and it was found that the mercury level in the dolphin exceeded the safe level."

In fact, the samples were so toxic authorities decided against feeding dolphin meat to school students and even advised pregnant women not to eat it.
What this insane tradition comes down to is money. How repugnant. If dolphin meat is unsellable, then the fishermen will stop the harvest, which is great. No more murders is the mission but this illustrates that this tradition is not a tradition at all. Japan murders for money. 

Yet, Fukushima is still a huge issue for the entire world that no one is talking about except Alex Jones at The American government is silent while stockpiling iodine. Mainsteam media is silent while selling the government's propaganda. 

Japan is silent because the nation has lost all common sense and sense of honor. Unlike Japanese media who have been gagged by their inept government, the rest of us in the world have not been silenced. It's time to take a stand against the wrong direction Japan has been traveling for decades now.

The slaughter and sell of intelligent sea life needs to end. Fukushima and the radiation from the damaged nuclear plant needs to be buried for good. 

Here's a solution: how about the governments of the world grow up and deal with the disaster that has become: Japan, the murder capitol of the world.

Could we at least try some cement?