Monday, January 13, 2014

Sports Simulcast: The Peak Goes Lame

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Radio / Sports

I never thought the day would come when I would write an article about "sports." Take a picture, folks, I hope I never have to write about this topic again.

I do not dislike sports. I loved watching football in my younger years and even baseball, but what we see on television anymore isn't sports, it's Gladiators at the Colosseum. So I turned off my television and turned my back on this idol worship.

People, mostly men, are paid obscene amounts of money to play a children's game. Then we have their "owners" (think on that one for a minute, students of history), who pocket not only corporate sponsorship money but public tax moneys in the form of building their horrific and unsightly game houses as well as the public is forced to maintain those stadiums for corporate benefit. Money making benefit. 

Money, I never get to see or benefit from... and certainly no homeless or foodless child in Arizona does, so why are we giving hundreds of millions of dollars in public money to fund this expensive and gratuitous corporate welfare to these near billionaires called "management"? 

It's a sick joke.

C'mon, I cannot be the only who refers to the Cardinals Stadium as the "Mother Ship." 

Plus these sports dynasty's immature ploys of: if you don't do some nonsense for us (usually in the form of additional corporate welfare but their demands can also entail political blackmail), then we will: pull our team, not give you a Superbowl, or whatever is disrespectful to their fans. 

And fans take the abuse and high priced tickets, food, and licensed memorabilia without thought or hesitation. Fans thank these cancerous Roman Caesars with money and adulation. It's insanity!

But I digress... I have listened to 98.7FM "The Peak" on the radio for a decade. All week while I was trying to listen to music, this talking head keeps droning on and it is about sports. Sports. Sports. Sports. Really? Like we don't have more pertinent problems in this country to deal with?

I guess not. The homeless children will have to wait their turn. Sports is more important.

Then I found out why. In the article, 98.7 'The Peak' ends decade-long run, replaced by new Arizona Sports FM simulcast, I finally got the news I did not want to comprehend: The Peak had gone lame.
Arizona Sports will now be simulcast on 98.7 FM. The station already has a home on 620AM. This expansion will make it the state's first FM Sports station, said Bonneville Media Phoenix Vice President and Market Manager Scott Sutherland.

As a result of the change, The Peak, an "originator of the Adult Hits music format" celebrated its last show on Monday, said Sutherland.

"Putting Arizona Sports on FM is an opportunity too big to ignore," said Sutherland in an emailed statement.
But I am going to ignore you. I am going to delete 98.7FM from my radio's memory settings after a decade of loyal listening.

You have a station. Why couldn't you leave mine well enough alone?

Bankrupting social discourse and mores wasn't ample so you had to spread this deificationary disease into the FM band? Totally lame. Go back to AM where you belong.

Source: Your West Valley