Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who Killed JFK? Discussions, Facts and Reality

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / JFK

Buzzsaw asks the tough questions about who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in these two discussions:

JFK 50th Anniversary Assassination Panel with Roger Stone and Jim DiEugenio
John F. Kennedy was killed 50 years ago, and we discuss the conspiracy to assassinate the president from all major angles–Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Zapruder film, and Malcolm Mac Wallace are discussed, plus much more in this informed and probing discussion that is too dangerous for mainstream news. Authors Roger Stone and Jim DiEugenio provide their researched perspectives on the murder and cover-up and discuss the code of silence from the media and Warren commission and how the conspiracy extended to the highest chambers of power and reaches us today through the influence of Halliburton. There are a few slight audio glitches early in the recording, but it is well worth a listen.

Roger Stone is a legendary American Republican political consultant who has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Stone is the author of “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – the Case Against LBJ” (Skyhorse).

Jim DiEugenio is the author of Destiny Betrayed, and most recently, Reclaiming Parkland. He is the co-author and editor of The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X. He co-edited Probe Magazine from 1993-2000 and he was a guest commentator on the anniversary issue of the film JFK re-released by Warner Brothers this year. He lives in Los Angeles and has a MA in Contemporary American History from California State University Northridge.
LBJ and the Killing of JFK with Roger Stone
Lyndon Johnson and the conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy are discussed with “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against JBJ,” author Roger Stone. The involvement of big oil, the CIA, sniper Malcolm Mac Wallace and how Gerald Ford was involved in the cover up are discussed in this interview that goes down the rabbit hole of government conspiracy. We debunk the agenda of the Warren Commission and Bill O’Reilly in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Tyrel Ventura.