Friday, January 3, 2014

Man of the Year Bows to the Bird of Prey

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
News / Community Interest

Man of the Year... magazines do it. Newspapers do it. Even some comedic rags do it.

Image by: Hillebrand, Steve
Instead of exalting the same tired, old, and affluent elites or their ignorant propaganda pawns every year without fail like other publications, the Villa de Paz Gazette (VDPG) wants to do something different. VDPG this year wants to Award the 2013 Man of the Year to: the Bald Eagle.

Wildlife is the cornerstone of our beloved golf course community. The Bald Eagle is not only a symbol of our national pride but also a resident here in our area. High up in the trees, somewhere looking down at us, is the Bald Eagle.

According to Habimap from Arizona Game and Fish, Villa de Paz is host and home to a variety of special status species, species of greatest conservation needs, and breeding birds, including but not limited to our national treasure:

"Haliaeetus leucocephalus"    "Bald Eagle - Winter Population"     
"Haliaeetus leucocephalus"    "Bald Eagle - Sonoran Desert Population"   

So next time you are taking a walk or playing a round of golf, look up. The eyes that might be staring back at you could very well be a Bald Eagle.