Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meltdown! Why Fukushima Needs to be Cemented In and Others Arrested

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
News / Fukushima

Japan cannot handle its failed nuclear reactor. After the tusnami hit in March of 2011, the situation keeps getting worse and worse at the plant. Yet there are no government calls for intervention in Japan for world safety, nor is there any call for people on the west coast of the United States to evacuate or buy Iodine. 

Such a serious situation and mainstream media and the American government are silent. Yet the Department of Health and Human Services can buy 14 million doses for government employees without question. Isn't it time to end the media blackout and begin having a real dialogue with the American people?

It seems as if the United States government wants to cause problems, create panic, and introduce counter measures. 

When in fact the American government should be pressuring Japan publicly from the beginning to get this disaster under control.  Reports of sea life dying in the Pacific Ocean in record numbers as well as Geiger Counter readings all over the United States hitting three and four times the normal natural range have been documented.

Believe we are safe? Think again. Watch this short video update:

Source: Everywhere but Government and Mainstream Media, Natural News Archive,