Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Fast Are You Driving? The Bigger the Tribute; The Slower We Go Until Free Energy Gets Lit

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Economics / Energy

When you change the price of oil, you change the economy's speed limit. Jeff Rubin, former CIBC economist and author

Haven't the American people paid enough tribute to gas, oil, and foreign companies? Hasn't the whole wide world? Why do we keep wasting money on a bygone era of fossil fuels?

The old standby theories are: if you want to increase the speed with which the economy grows: reduce gasoline/petrol prices at the pump and utilities for housing.
Soaring oil prices also transfer billions of dollars of income from oil-consuming economies to oil-producing economies. Nearly one trillion dollars migrated from OECD economies to OPEC ones in the record run-up of oil prices preceding the last recession. Since savings rates in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait are typically ten times what they are in major oil-consuming economies like the United States or Western Europe, the shift in purchasing power resulted in weaker global demand.
Haven't countries learned that it's the energy market, stupid? Of course, not. Nations like the United States are so focused on the bankers (in the case of the U.S., it's the Federal Reserve), running up the tab on a dying economic system that no other solution is considered.

Even if it means funding nations that harbor and support terrorism, see the VDP Gazette's original article:  The War on Terror: We're Invading Saudi Arabia... Right?, governments seem not to care as long as large oil corporations and countries are taken care of.

Well, here's the scoop about oil: 
Oil prices caused the last recession, and oil prices will cause the next one as well. Energy inflation is already on the march. In fact, this time around oil prices are rising much earlier and much more rapidly than they did last cycle. Inflation is already running at nearly a five per cent rate in China; as oil prices go on to set new record highs, it’s only a matter of time of before we see those inflation rates in North America and in the rest of the OECD.
Yet there is a kink in the energy market. Oil is harder to get at then in previous decades. Some are concerned the world has already surpassed its peak.
That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more oil. New reserves are being found all the time in new places. What the decline in conventional production does mean, though, is that future economic growth will be fueled by expensive oil from nonconventional sources such as the tar sands, offshore wells in the deep waters of the world’s oceans and even oil shales, which come with environmental costs that range from carbon-dioxide emissions to potential groundwater contamination.
Fracking, anyone? Polluter en masse.

So what does the world do? What energy sources could come into play to negate inflation, create economic growth, and get the engine of the world going again?

Green energies seem to do more harm than good as economies are leveraged, indebted through the expansion of locality specific renewable energy like solar and wind.  The world is at a standstill. What new energy sources are on the horizon to save our way of life?

Bring in a new philosophy, the Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology by Dr. Eugene F. Mallove President, New Energy Foundation, Inc. Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine. Shortly before his untimely demise, he was murdered in May of 2004, Dr. Mallove wrote this open letter to the world. Some of what he stated about alternative energy research is:
Category 1. New hydrogen physics (a.k.a. “cold fusion,” more generally Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR, “hydrino” physics, and other water-based energy sources. Copious technical and other information about this research may be found on these two diverse websites: and as well as our own site, The upshot of this energy-from-water field is that within ordinary water there is a heretofore unimaginably large energy reservoir that may be as great as 300 gallons of gasoline energy equivalent within each gallon of plain water! This energy would be non-polluting, would have no hazardous radiation, and would, in effect, have a zero fuel cost. Only one cubic kilometer of ocean water would provide energy equivalent to all the known oil reserves on Earth. In responding to a special plea by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the White House requested from me a technically-based Memorandum on this topic in February 2000. This 8,500-word Memorandum, “The Strange Birth of the Water Fuel Age,” was submitted to the Clinton Administration and later to the Bush Administration. It is now posted on It asks for a review of the substantial evidence—in particular the copious evidence developed over the past 14 years in U.S. Federal laboratories—for this category of anomalous new physics energy. Unfortunately, apart from polite “Thank You” notes, no discernable action has been taken by either administration. The 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10) was held near and at MIT in August 2003. Actual public demonstrations of excess energy production in electrolytic cells occurred at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Wall Street Journal science journalist Sharon Begley attended ICCF10 and wrote a fine column in the September 5, 2003 issue of WSJ, “Cold Fusion Isn’t Dead, It’s Withering From Scientific Neglect.” Among other surprising technical developments at ICCF10 was the presentation by a well-funded Israeli corporation, Energetics Technologies, which appears to have made enormous strides in overcoming some of the problems with the low-energy nuclear reactions phenomenon. Isn’t it time that the experimental data from this significant field of scientific work is reviewed by an unbiased panel, unlike the rush-to-judgment hostile group in 1989, which inexcusably botched that investigation? Why aren’t the many politicians who have been informed about this taking action? Are they perhaps fearful of the all-to-common “sneer review” from the Scientific Establishment?

Category 2. Vacuum energy, Zero Point Energy or “ZPE” for short, aether energy, or space energy. These are descriptions of vast energy sources from the vacuum state. Information about this most radical and paradigm-shattering physics and technology research can be found on websites:,, and In the mid-1990s, Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa in the Toronto area obtained three US patents on an astonishing technological device, the so-called Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGDTM) reactor. In its several embodiments, it already produces kilowatt-level electrical, thermal, and mechanical output power. A Quicktime video of one such device, working in 2003, may be viewed at Successful testing of the PAGD by outside parties, including Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Ontario Hydro, regrettably did not lead to commercial arrangements to further the development of this scientific wonder, which has been meticulously documented in the three United States-granted Correa patents. (Uri Soudak, former Chief Technology Officer of IAI, is still involved with the project here in the U.S.) The Correas and Dr. Harold Aspden, IBM’s former chief of patent operations in Europe (from 1963 to 1983), have provided convincing theoretical explanations, based on concrete experiments with a variety of fundamental phenomena, all of which illuminate how this unsuspected vacuum state energy can be extracted by the PAGD reactor. The advent (possibly in only 2-3 years) of self-sustaining electrical power-generating units in the multi-kilowatt power range appears to be only a matter of gathering a relatively small amount of engineering/scientific development funding, in the low several tens of million dollars range.

Category 3. Environmental energy, i.e. energy from sensible thermal energy (in particular, energy of molecular motion), through significant extensions to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Proceedings of an important scientific conference dealing with this subject gives great insight into this work: Quantum Limits to the Second Law: First International Conference on Quantum Limits to the Second Law (San Diego, CA, July 28-31, 2002), Professor Daniel P. Sheehan, Editor, American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings, #643, 2002. A strong consensus of a significant number of the scientist attendees, as reported by the author, is that it will be possible to make utilitarian machines that convert the thermal energy in the environment to useful work, without a lower temperature reservoir to dump waste heat. This would be in direct contravention of the supposedly sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics. These devices would be nearly perfect “free energy” machines. Accurate simulations of such devices have been carried out and the results published in peer-reviewed journals. Some of the authors predict that such prototype devices could be reduced to small prototype units within five years.
Dr. Mallove did not dismiss solar, wind, or other energies, but he was searching for the ultimate theories and their application to usher into existence the age of free, clean energy. 

Are we almost there? Is clean energy, if not free from corporate and governmental tampering to make humanity renters (like J.P Morgan wanted and that is why nearly every American has a dangerous Smart Meter on their house), viable?

LENR-CANR believes so. Their articles include a vast amount of research and source materials as well as: 

Billionaire donates $5.5 million for cold fusion research at the University of Missouri

If economical energy is the driver of the world markets, then all hope is on the ability of humanity to think their way into prosperity once again.

It's not as if the American government or oil based corporations are doing anything to promote such thought and devices. It appears our think tanks are more interested in the military-industrial complex and their procurers for world domination than the betterment of humanity. 

Oil, first! as long as everybody pays their tribute like everyone else on the planet. Greed at all costs. Isn't it time for a change? The Age of the Fossil Fuel has ended.

Let's make Tesla proud. 

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