Friday, January 10, 2014

The New Soviet Stasi: Sustainability So We Don't Have to Look at the Disabled

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
International News / Sustainability Hoax

Ich speche ein bissen Deutsch. (translation: I speak a little German.) I better, I studied the language for three years in high school. I have always wanted to visit Germany and put some of my skills to the test.

That dream has died when it comes to Hamburg.

As the article, Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years* (translated from the original German), states: 
With this network, Hamburg will be following a trend, perhaps best exemplified by Copenhagen, of cities constructing cycle paths in order to linking outlying areas to city centers. And, importantly, the plan will make the car – currently the only transportation option to get from one part of the city to another – essentially unnecessary.
I guess Germany has not realized the Tom Foolery of Sustainability. For one, global warming and climate change are hoaxes perpetrated on the public to steal money for unsustainable projects out of the pockets of the middle and lower classes in order to bankrupt the economic system.

Oh, you haven't heard of that before? Read: Rosa Koire's book: Behind the Green Mask for starters. You'll understand how sustainability is a fraud.

And two, sustainability seems to be discriminating against the disabled. As a disabled person visiting Hamburg in 20 years, I could not move around the city. I cannot walk distances and I certainly cannot ride a bicycle. Because of my condition, I cannot ride public transportation. Someone needs to drive me places in a vehicle.

The years I spent dreaming of going to Germany and learning the language and culture appears to have been wasted.

If Germany continues down the path of discrimination against the disabled for a more sustainable Soviet Stasi State, then I guess I will have to ditch my English to German translation and learning books for a new dream that isn't filled with contempt for people like me.

Thanks, Hamburg!

*Brought to you in part by: the United Nations, IPCC, Global Warming Hoax, Climate Change Fraud, Sustainability Initiatives, and Discrimination Against the Disabled... Thanks!