Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Veganism, the New Mental Illness Defined by Arizona's Very Own CPS

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / CPS

In the recent study of Arizona's Child Protective Services, data reveals that the state agency is not fulfilling its mandate to protect children from harmful situations. Now CPS in Phoenix is overreaching in reaction to its past failures. CPS is protecting children from what it deems as the most dangerous mental illness on the planet.

It is called: Veganism.

Yep, you read that right: veganism. Jonas Simmons is being kept from his son for two factors. One, Jonas is a vegan. Two, Jonas has a unique communication style called: Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg). 

Here's his story in his own words: 
I lost in court (details soon when I make the video) and am appealing the ruling. To do this, I need a lawyer, and the retainer fee is $10,000.

They discriminated against my communication style (Non-violent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg) and diet/lifestyle. They are going to far as to say that I could never fit into normal society because of how I eat (80/10/10 HCRV diet) and how I talk (in the language of compassion called Non Violent Communication.)
This is also a violation of my rights under the 14th amendment of the US constitution.

No longer hiding or playing games.

I was mis-advised by the under-paid attorney forced upon me by the state, who didn't have time to work for me. I was not allowed to even testify. Going public first minute would have been a better idea. I wasted a lot of time.Just talking to my friends has been supportive but it is unfair to have burdened others. It has hurt my life to be trapped by the courts for 4 years and only able to see my son 45 supervised minutes a week during this time.

Q: What was the cause of this court battle for custod/SEVERANCE?

A: Nothing to do with me. It was the child's mother and [maternal] grandmother...
The mother ran off with the kid and had no intention of letting me be a part of his life. This is despite that I paid all of the extra money I made at my architecture job to try to get that to happen, as my own father never tried for me. I am trying my hardest to break a historical pattern.
Then her mother set her up with a car, an apartment, and called Child Protectice Services on her.
She ran away and lived off student loan money for 1 year plus what I was giving her, and got into a car accident. The grandmother took the child from the hospital. The mother went to her mom's house, called the police, and then her mother called CPS again, who gladly takes the child.
* * * * *
Now, I enter the picture and try to be a father.
The state, who is incredibly biased against single fathers to begin with, does anything and everything they can to stop that. They use non-definitive psychological and psychiatric assessment that never could get me on anything but a potential rule-out that was disproven by other psychiatrists (the ones not hired by the state.)

This was never about custody; it is about severance, meaning if the state has their way, I will never get to see him again. No visitation, nothing.

It's a crazy world
They're puttin that child through a s*** ton
He needs to be with a genius like yourself.
The government is against single fathers, and is not willing to understand 80/10/10 or NVC (non violent communication.)
Also, they violated the judge's orders and vaccinated Isaiah against the legal paper work I had. Now he is in speech delay and receiving even more special services in the future.

That would drive me crazy - I was just about to mention that they dont "understand" you because they need to be the ones overstanding, and controlling the child's life.
They did everything they could to set me up for failure.
From denying me information, never letting me talk or testify, to restricting me in small ways at every supervised visitation.
Isn't this situation out of control? 

As an omnivore, I debate others about their choice to be vegan. Some individuals need this kind of diet because of a medical issue. Others are more comfortable eating raw fruits and vegetables because of their religion like Buddhism. 

Not in a million years would I believe being a good father and healthy man preclude someone from having custody of his son, or for the State of Arizona to kidnap said dependent. 

What is wrong here? Why isn't CPS being held accountable for this injustice? There's a father and there's a child... it is not difficult to do the math when it's so obvious that this family needs to be put back together again. 

The State seems to be missing the point and their role in society. Their role is to protect children from people intent to do harm against children. Their role is not of God. 

Could someone in Arizona's Statehouse intercede and clean up this mess?

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*As a note of interest, the source materials are funding sites and the only places I found any information about this questionable situation.