Thursday, May 1, 2014

In the Now: How Corporate Media Monopolizes the Airwaves

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Media / Propaganda

RT"s In the Now talks with Ben Swann about the U.S. State Department's accusations against Russia Today and how media has a stranglehold on America for purposes of controlling information and government propaganda.

Anissa Naouai repels attacks on RT by US State Department and looks at how US corporate media functions - award-winning journalist Ben Swann joins the discussion. Plus, why whistleblowers are persecuted instead of wrongdoers - we ask a whistleblower "In the Now".

Ben Swann adds:
“Those executives are becoming so entwined in a crony system with politicians, that it really has become a form of propaganda. Where on the local level and in the newsroom level, journalists don’t really have a say. They are not allowed to talk about certain issues in this country. We are not allowed to show certain pictures. I just had a conversation with someone today, I asked them, ‘When was the last time in the United States that we saw a picture on national or local television of the aftermath of a U.S. drone strike?’ And they couldn’t tell me. The reason for that is because we don’t show those pictures here. American media refuses to show those images.”

Source: RTBen Swann