Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day, All You Protesters

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
Holiday / Protests

During my childhood, I was taught to leave little baskets of food and gifts on neighbors' doorsteps. As an adult, I find that May Day is more than an innocent holiday but a day of protest across the globe.

Here's a taste of what has been happening the last 24 hours:

Russia revives May Day demonstration tradition on Red Square
Police crack down on May Day protests in Turkey, Cambodia
Councilmember Sawant to march in May Day demonstration
Protesters defy May Day demonstration ban in Istanbul
Today on the Hill: May Day marked by protests to fight attacks on work

Since the decline of America via economics, social engineering, job displacement, and debt was created and implemented by the elite ruling class and the central bankers, one would believe Americans would be out in droves to protest the breaking of unions by politicians and secret trade agreements by governments and corporations.

But, nothing.

Americans still believe that the status quo exists. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. The American dream is dead unless you are extremely wealthy. The engineered demise of the middle class in America for the United Nation's "social justice" platform carried out by local communities and the federal government has been catastrophic for the nation, wouldn't it be logical for Americans to protest?

It appears the propaganda to keep Americans home and off the streets is working. Americans seem to believe protesting is beneath them when it is actually their First Amendment Right

Maybe next year, when the dollar deepens the American depression through hyperinflation and the jobless will outnumber the employed, will Americans begin to stand up for themselves.

Or perhaps, Americans will continue to believe the propaganda that the jobless are parasites living off the working instead of blaming the politicians, United Nations, and corporations like they should.

Don't believe me, then read up on the Trans Pacific Partnership. It's NAFTA and Agenda 21 on steroids.

Source: All of the Above